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I was contacted by a client who was considering buying a new build home, but it was surrounded by bare earth and a few patches of grass, so they were desperate to capitalise on its potential. They had a few concerns as the rear garden slopes down towards the house and was north facing, so they were worried they wouldn't have an area in which to enjoy the sun. When I visited, it was apparent they had an ample plot with plenty of scope to provide an interesting garden on different levels. It also benefited from the ability to follow the sun in the day, so the client could enjoy their desire to sunbathe. We decided to mirror the modern interior and extend the soft modern pallet of colours out into the garden to create a co-ordinated and harmonious new home for them to enjoy throughout the year.
Francesca Sinclair Award Winning Designs
Francesca Sinclair Award Winning Designs

Francesca Sinclair Limited

A fusion of contemporary and traditional garden design, natural materials and
inspired planting, combined to realise dreams and enhance your living space.